6 items every garden needs

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Garden tools

A garden is a delight to have. There are several different ways to take full advantage of it, from turning it into a beautiful outdoor retreat full of flowers and soft cushions for ultimate enjoyment to trying to grow your own veggies for fun and variety on your table. Whatever you decide to do, it will enrich your home and make it all the comfier. However, to truly achieve either goal, you will need specific tools! And without much gardening knowledge, it is hard to know which ones you should prioritize acquiring. To help with this, we have put together the list of 6 items every garden needs!

Garden hose

Whether you want to do some gardening for produce or brighten your home with some flowers, a garden hose will be vital to your efforts.

It will allow you to properly water your garden. And with a simple addition of a watering wand, which you can acquire later, it will also serve that purpose much better. We recommend you get a watering wand attachment because using your hose alone can churn up the ground, damaging your plants. On the other hand, with that attachment, you can water the plants free of worry.

A water hose
Remember to be careful when watering plants directly with a hose!

A garden hose is also helpful for a host of other tasks. If it is long enough, you can use it to wash your car. You can water your lawn, too, which might be suffering from heath without a sprinkler system.


Functionally a tiny, specialized shovel, a spade is tremendously helpful. It takes up less space while providing most of the benefits a shovel does. If your home upgrades involve improvements to your garden, they will be easier with a spade!

It will primarily be your best friend when it comes to planting things! With it, you will be able to make a hole big enough to transplant a flower or other type of plant directly from a pot you were keeping it in. Doing so will allow it to keep its root system intact and better survive the transition.


Come fall, your rake will be your weapon of choice.

If you live anywhere near trees, you know what fall is like. An endless rain of leaves trying to bury your yard and garden under a colorful new carpet. Your garden will be much trickier to clean up since you can't rely on a leaf blower. Using one could seriously damage your plants, even to the point of making it impossible for them to renew themselves come spring.

Thus, you will need to carefully use your rake to collect any leaves and debris that finds its way into your garden. It will be much, much easier than trying to gather them by hand!


Any work done in a garden is made much easier by a wheelbarrow. You will be able to move heavy items, such as bags of earth or fertilizer, with a fraction of the strength you otherwise would need. A wheelbarrow is also useful when it comes to harvesting any yield of your garden.

Just keep in mind that you will need a shed to keep it in! Building a shed on a budget might be tricky, but there is an affordable way to get it done. You will also be able to use your wheelbarrow for things not linked to gardening alone. It might seem odd, but if your wheelbarrow is clean, there is no reason why you cannot use it to transport something from your car to your front door. You can handle groceries, bulky appliances you wouldn't be able to move alone, or similar with it. So, this is undoubtedly one of the items every garden needs.

A wheelbarrow, one of the six items every garden needs
A wheelbarrow is one of the most useful garden-related tools which you can use elsewhere.


Now, you most certainly need a hoe. Deciding what kind of hoe you want, however, will be much harder. There are, more or less, three different types you can choose from.

First, there are hoes with a longer handle and a thinner, sharper blade. They can be more or less used for weeding and turning the earth in preparation for new planting. But they will not really do either all that well.

Secondly, there are weeding hoes. They have a much wider, square head. They are still considerably sharp since you will be pushing them into the top layer of dirt to cut off any unwanted growths from their roots.

Finally, there are flat hoes with blunted edges. They are specially designed for turning the top layers of earth and preparing the soil for planting.

You should decide which type is best for you, with the second being best for flower gardening and the last for a veggie garden.


Wonderful, useful, irreplaceable gloves! They might be last on our list, but they might just be the most important item on it. They will be indispensable no matter what sort of project to update your home exterior you decide to start.

They will protect your fingers from a whole host of things. Sharp ends of your other tools. Wood splinters and chips. Skin irritants that certain weeds produce. Even just from getting your nails blackened by the dirt while working in your garden.

A few pairs of gardening gloves
A quality pair of gloves is one of the items every garden needs! They are indispensable!

All of these reasons support the fact that you should never skimp on the expense when purchasing a set of gloves. Buy a quality pair so that they can last a long time! If you don't, you will likely spend more money replacing them in the long run. Not to mention that if your gloves get damaged, probably your hand will too!

Advice about other garden tools

While the list of 6 items every garden needs we have provided covers the essentials, if you really intend to grow your garden, you will end up wanting more. Things such as specialized or more diverse tools will help a lot. While you can manage with what we have listed, you will be hard-pressed to do it easily. So, always be on the lookout for useful items you can use in your garden!

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