2023 Home Trends To Get Started On

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2023 Home Trends To Get Started On

What’s that old saying? “New Year, New Me’, as 2023 quickly approaches you might be looking for new ways to reinvent yourself whether that’s through finding your personal style, picking up new hobbies, or finally giving your home some much-needed love.

2023 is a chapter for new beginnings and bold choices; your space should speak to that. People spend a lot of time at home, so why not shake things up and upgrade your space with the latest trends that will indeed have you ready to take on the new year.

Multi-Purpose Interiors
Whether you’re living in a small apartment or a larger home, being able to maximize the use of your space can make a huge difference in anyone’s home. Multi-purpose interiors open up the possibility of your home. People no longer view their homes as just a place to go after work, especially after spending years stuck at home, your kitchen needs to double as an office space if needed or a place to entertain friends and family.

Think outside of the function of a room and go from there. If you have a dining room that is rarely used then consider turning that into your craft room or adding a bar and adding a bookshelf to have it double as an at-home library. If you have a nook add a foldable desk and some plants to create a cozy work office. The possibilities are endless, so grab some dual-purpose furniture and get to work!

Color, Color, and More Color
2022 was all about muted colors, relaxing tones, and minimalist spaces as we started to heal from the past two years but as we move into the new year it’s time to have some fun with color! Your home should reflect your personality and be a safe oasis for you to decompress but also look forward to, so let your personality shine and take a chance with warm hues of oranges and pinks, however, if you’re looking to keep your walls more subtle then opt for paler shades blues and greens.

If you’re not sure how to add color to your space without having to repaint the walls, then focus on adding color via your home decor such as area rugs, lamps, and pillows.

This is an easy way to experiment without committing to a large project. Adding exciting accent pieces can elevate any room, if your space has a very muted base color then consider adding a colorful accent chair. Using funky wallpaper for the back of cabinets is another subtle way to spice up your space without going overboard.

Out With New In With The Old
As we reflect on 2022, thrifting has become a huge trend as consumers have become aware of their carbon footprint while also saving tons from shopping secondhand. People are starting to sway from super coordinated spaces and sets, and want to add character to their space, and vintage pieces can add just that.

Upcycling furniture also adds a more personal aspect to your home. Instead of getting rid of your grandma’s old mirror, turn it into a vanity and reupholster those dining room chairs you love. Not only is this more sustainable for your future but it’s also sustainable for your wallet.

Add A New Space
If you don’t have enough space then why not add it? I know it’s easier said than done but if you are looking to maximize your space and then consider building an outside shed for a new home office or creative space. At-home office spaces made their appearance in 2021 as many shifted to remote work but for many, it’s here to stay, and that’s why building home office renovations will soar in the new year.

Adding an outdoor home space can not only help you in the right mindset but will also be a great addition that will add value back to your house. If you’re looking to make that major home renovation but not sure how to finance it then consider refinancing your home to a 30-year mortgage to free up some money for that renovation by lowering your monthly mortgage payments. Once you do that you will be able to budget for projects and other home expenses.

Creating your ideal home is all about trial and error, so remember to take your time when it comes to revamping your home and have fun with it. Not every decision has to be made tomorrow, so experiment with textures and textiles, and remember that 2023 will be your year!