Should you move out during a home remodeling project

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Should You Move Out During A Home Remodeling Project

Everyone looks forward to seeing the result of their home renovation and admire their living space looking fresh and new. However, going through this is process is the tricky part. As it comes with various inconveniences, many people decide to move out during a home remodeling project. They leave their home in the capable hands of a fantastic interior design team who will handle all aspects of the process.

But keep in mind that whether you should move out during the works or not depends on many personal factors. Thus, it would be best to analyze different things before you make up your mind. This article will help you with this decision by showing the most important things you should consider.

What to consider when deciding whether to move out during a home remodeling project?

Living through renovations can be very stressful, but some people decide to go with it. Still, moving out while the works are underway can be more cost-effective and easier in some cases.

Contractors working while residents decided to move out during a home remodeling project

One of the main reasons people decide to move out during a home remodeling project is to get out of contractors' way.

The scope of work

The scope of work is one of the most important factors to analyze before deciding whether you should move out during a home remodel. For instance, if you're only renovating one room in your home, it doesn't make sense to move out. You'll still be able to go about your daily routine without much disruption.

On the other hand, living through a major renovation project will not only cause disruptions, but you'll also potentially interfere with the builders and slow things down. There are some cases when moving out and managing the home renovation from afar is the only option:

  • If you are conducting a renovation on over 50% of your home.
  • In case you are doing a demolition.
  • Removing toxic materials from your home, such as asbestos and mold growth.
  • If you are replacing the roof.
  • Doing a complete remodel of your kitchen and bathroom.

Consider areas renovations will affect

Another thing to consider is how crucial the access to areas you are renovating to you is. For instance, let's say you're remodeling your basement. Not having access to that area of your home won't cause too much inconvenience, so moving out isn't necessary.

On the other hand, if you renovate all of your bathrooms and expect interruptions of the electrical and plumbing services, moving out might be the best option. Living through renovations would be practically impossible.

A man on the ladder in the corner of a room with demolished walls

If you plan to demolish parts of your home and renovate most of it, moving out until the works are completed is the best way to go.

If you are renovating most of the rooms in your home, keep in mind that you'll probably need to put away most of your furniture to protect it from damage. That could seriously disrupt your daily routine, too. If you are not sure what to do with your things, the experienced team from Professional Movers Canada suggests temporarily renting a storage solution.

The duration of your home renovation project

The expected duration of your home remodeling project is another thing to have in mind. For example, if your remodel is expected to last a week, it shouldn't be too hard to put up with the noise and other disruptions.

On the other hand, if contractors estimate that it will take over a month, the best thing to do is move. If you are worried about handling everything from afar, there is a perfect solution. You can hire professionals to handle all aspects of your home renovations, and you can focus on having a stress-free move.

The financial implication your potential move would have

Let's not forget that moving comes with extra expenses to add to your already strained budget. You'll have to pay for movers, temporary housing, storage, and many more. All of this might make you want to give up on the idea of moving instantly.

However, it might come as a surprise but moving out might turn out to be a cheaper option. First of all, if you stay in your home, your contractors will have to work around your schedule. This can delay your renovations and cause more expenses as you'll need to pay for extra time.

If you decide to stay, charges might get higher to cover for costs of additional site protection, daily cleanups, and similar. Don't forget that your daily routine will be completely disrupted. You might not be able to work from home, or your kids might not be able to attend their online classes. After all, your family's peace of mind and comfort aren't things you should neglect.

The stress of moving

Lastly, make sure to think and consider whether the stress of moving is something you can handle at the moment. Many people decide to stay and live through renovations because they feel that moving would make everything overwhelming.

A man and a woman high fiving and smiling while packing boxes for their move

Your move can be easy and smooth if you make sure to plan everything.

However, it doesn't have to be that way. You can organize a smooth and easy move if you prepare your moving checklist and organize everything well in advance. If you make sure to create a perfect list and stick to it, you'll surely have a less stressful move.

So, should you move out during a home remodeling project or not?

The decision of whether you should move out during a home remodeling project or not will depend on individual circumstances. Therefore, make sure to thoroughly consider all factors we've mentioned above as that will make your decision-making that much easier. The only thing left for you to do is to get in touch with an experienced interior designer who will help you transform your living space.