5 Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Decorating Their Rooms

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Decorated children's room

Decorating a child's room is fun, challenging, and demanding, especially when you want your children to participate in decorating with you. There are several ways to get your kids involved in decorating their rooms. You just need to know how to approach them. The point is to inspire the decor with a youthful spirit. But besides that, paying close attention to the necessary basic details. It is essential to let your children participate in decorating their room because they find it fun, challenging, and practical. And after all, it is their personal space where they will spend their time. This way, you can get to know your children more and spend quality time with them. That's why it's nice to contribute to the interior of your children's room with joint efforts.

Let them have their say

Decorating the room should be full of your child's ideas. You may think your children are too young to make big decisions regarding the room, but it is their room, after all. But because you are mature, you will generally decide on most things in this situation. However, kids will be happy and feel important when they can choose, comment, and be in charge of something. Suppose you wonder how to make your home cozier and impact your child's mood. In that case, it is considering their creative, imaginative thinking, especially if you need to furnish and decorate a new room. There are many parts of decorating where you can include your children's opinions. These are some like:

  • the color of the walls
  • choice of carpet type and color
  • the theme of the room, depending on their favorite characters, cartoons, or movies

It is essential that your children like the details of the room because they will spend most of their time there. But you should also pay attention that they don't just like it right now, but also in a few years when their taste might change a little.

Children's room with game chairs.

Letting your kids have a say about the color of the walls, the room's theme, and other decorating details is essential.

If you are planning a relocation

Packing and moving furniture during a move can be complicated. Among other things, the furniture in the children's room is quite tricky to handle during a relocation. In addition to being stressful and exciting, moving requires a lot of effort and work. That's why there are specific steps you should take in these situations. First, you must pack the children's room for the move. Then, when you move things to a new house, they need to be unpacked and rearranged in the new room. You can include kids in this process, except when something more complicated needs to be done. Sorting out the mess when unpacking various items for the room can be demanding. Your kids' involvement will make things more fun for you and them. And it's easier for you in some way.

One of the ways to get your kids involved in decorating their rooms is by organizing DIY crafts

If you have enough time to decorate the children's room slowly, dedicatedly, and in detail, DIY is a great idea. If your kid is creative, let him draw and make art by himself. Drawing and painting can result in extraordinary and beautiful works of art enriched by your child's imagination and ideas, which you can then immortalize and hang on the wall. It represents a unique home decor that will bring a smile to your face every time you see it. Of course, depending on the age of your child, those preferences and ideas will change as the child grows. But in any case, DIY is one of the most interesting ways to get your kids involved in decorating their rooms. Also, door markers with their names and posters of celebrities or cartoonists are an attraction for most kids.

Children’s craft room

Organizing DIY projects is one of the most interesting ways to get your kids involved in decorating their rooms.

Considering that your child's preferences, interests, and appeal vary with age, it is possible to decorate the room with a few easily changeable details precisely for that reason. Decorative pillows, bedding, and covers are some details that are not difficult to replace if and when your child's tastes change. Wallpapers are also a great example. After a while, your child may like the theme of superheroes. And after a certain time, they may enjoy space themes. The choice is endless, and you can always find a suitable wallpaper for your child. The same applies to bed linen! If you have a girl at a young age who likes the color pink, dolls, and other girl things, everything is possible. And later, after a few years, if her preferences change, you can match the decoration with it. Or you can choose timeless home decors that are beautiful, neutral, and can pass the time test.

Define room zones together with your kid

Ensuring that your child's room is comfortable and versatile is essential. One of the best ways is to have space in the room for individual activities that develop organizational and work habits in a child. Likewise, the play zone in your kid's room is equally important. You can start this process by entering the room with your child and asking, "Where do you want to play or do homework? Which part of the room do you consider the most suitable?"

Furthermore, everything goes quickly with joint decisions. Create a space with a specific desk and storage drawers for schoolwork. Then you may let your child choose the lamp, for instance, that he wants to use to decorate the work surface.

You can also let your kid decide how and where to arrange the objects in the area of the room where they will play. Or take their suggestions and compromise. Toys, video games, and board games are welcome in this zone. Also, this space is specific because it reflects your child's personality. Because of that, it is necessary that they like it. It is always a good idea to have boxes in which to store your child's toys. Because they might not use them when he grows up, it's smart to have extra storage space to store all the old toys. That way, you will also avoid gathering clutter.

Children’s play room

The play zone is significant when arranging the children's room.

Turn the decorating process into an unforgettable memory 

Make your children a part of the whole event. Before decorating, take them shopping with you to begin with. Your child will be excited and happy because he will participate in selecting things and decorations for his room, whether it's new toys, a desk, or any kind of furniture. In addition, your child will feel like a part of the team and gain responsibility and commitment. They'll enjoy the comfort of their room and be proud of what you've accomplished together, which matters most.

Usually, not all children will be delighted to go shopping and decorate their room. To some kids, this may sound incredibly boring. And in such situations, you also have a solution! You can suggest to your children that you will reward them after finishing shopping or decorating the room. Planning all that can be tiring, so the reward might motivate them. And in doing so, you'll be able to continue working along with your child until the decorating and arrangement process is complete. The benefits of decorating your child's room together are numerous. In addition to the personal qualities your kid can acquire, this can become an unforgettable memory. You can always take them out for a quick snack or buy them their favorite candy while shopping for furniture and decorations. Involve them in the selection of art, and select something that means something to them.

Children’s room with “pool” art

The selection of art should be meaningful to your children.

Filling your child's room with their possessions

After decorating the room with your child, it's time to arrange the items in the room. At this stage, you should allow your child to arrange his belongings as he wishes. They will surely feel beautiful and will be happy to choose how and where the items will stand in the room. Of course, your advice and suggestions should never be excluded. You'll be in charge of regulating the basic organization and challenging areas. However, letting your kids arrange their belongings in their bedroom as they like is often acceptable.

To sum up

Consider your child's preferences and habits when decorating their room. Every child should participate in organizing their personal space and room. That is why it is essential to find ways to get your kids involved in decorating their rooms. All in all, this is a great way to bond with your kids. This way, they, as well as you, can better understand what they like and what they don't like. You can learn something from your children, as they can from you in this process. Ultimately, you will create an environment where your children enjoy spending time together. Whether it's time they spend reading, playing or personal time, they will be happy in their newly decorated bedroom oasis.