Kid-friendly home renovation ideas

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A woman painting on a wall, one of kid-friendly renovation ideas

Implementing kid-friendly home renovation ideas does not mean that you have to turn your living space into a playground. Your actual goal is to make your home safer and neater and allow your children to enjoy it as much as possible. Of course, your children's age is a significant factor that dictates what kind of solution you have to apply. For example, if you have school kids, you will have to provide them with pleasant and warm surroundings that will allow them to read, do their homework, and relax without disruptions. On the other hand, if you have small kids, dealing with toys and safety issues will be your primary concerns. Finally, the difficulty level depends on whether you are moving and planning to do this from scratch or you have to remodel your current home, which already has its setup.

Multipurpose furniture is a great kid-friendly renovation solution

Whether you have ample space or a small room that you need to renovate, using multipurpose furniture is an excellent solution for children's rooms. This is an especially practical option for small rooms, where you need to come up with separate spaces for reading and writing, for sleeping, and a play area. When you have a small room, you should think about elevated bed frames because you can place a desk or play area beneath it. By implementing such clever interior design tricks, you will get two completely separate spaces in one part of the room

A functional kid’s room with an elevated bed frame and a desk underneath

Elevated bed frames are an excellent solution for small rooms

Multipurpose furniture can be a useful storage system

Storage is something that the majority of rooms need or lack. Again, multipurpose furniture as an upholstered storage chest will store your kid's most precious belongings, and it will be a beautiful area for reading or resting. Instead of a chest or bench, you could use a shelving unit. Turn the shelving unit vertically, and you could still use their upper side as a seating area. Since you are looking for kid-friendly home renovation ideas, you probably have many miscellaneous items to consider. Having toys and books separated in boxes will mean they will use them more efficiently and play with making less mess.

Make the best of your home relocation

Relocation is your blank canvas. Sure, you can use some of your old children's furniture, but try to plan the new design before you move. This way you will make the best of your relocation. If you want to stay within a budget, you could embellish some of your old furniture with some paint or new fabrics. The most important thing is to plan the best possible way to use empty space.

Relocation is a massive thing for little kids, so if they have a new beautiful room, they will be much happier and calmer. Involve your kids in planning as well if they are big enough, of course. That way, they will know and understand what is going on. On the other hand, if they are younger, they could participate as a bystander – tell them where you will put their bed or toys, and imagine a new look together.

Relocation does not have to be stressful; you can enjoy it with your family and have a little fun during the process. The organization is almost everything. If you have a detailed relocation plan, implementing your kid-friendly home renovation solutions will be much less stressful and more effortless.

One other thing that usually causes stress is dealing with furry friends in the middle of the relocation. The easiest solution is to have some family member or a friend watch them while you are moving. If you are renovating your house, consider leaving an area available to your kids and pet. Once you finish with the renovations in the rest of the house, you can do that designated area as well. The kitchen and bathrooms are the most used rooms in the house. These areas are the ones you need to finish the fastest.

A woman holding two small dogs

Find someone who will take care of your pets while you are relocating.

The kitchen is the heart of your home

Today many families spend the majority of their time in the kitchen. This is especially true in the case of stay-at-home mums or work-at-home mums. It's is the main reason to transform your kitchen into a warm and cozy place but still maintain its functionality. If you are not sure what the best remodeling way is for you, you should hire professional home renovation services. Seek advice from experts to get your dream kitchen suitable for the entire family.

Make your kitchen kid-friendly

Consider having lower drawers or shelves easily accessible to your kids. Encourage them to get their own plates, cups, and spoons. Easy access should be only in their part of the kitchen. Do not forget to install child safety locks in other parts of your kitchen. Kids are not supposed to have an easy reach for cleaning supplies or other hazardous materials.

This will help with your daily routine a lot. In time, your children will learn what is allowed to be touched and what is not.

Also, if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, make sure that you have an area for your kids to do their activities or for you to do some work. A little sitting area with drawers or storage bench is the best solution if you have enough space. Keep some artwork, pens, and papers in here to keep them occupied while you are preparing lunch or cleaning.

A boy and a girl preparing food in the kitchen

Kids love to hang around the kitchen; you just have to make sure that everything is safe.

Choose colors and materials wisely

Every family with kids probably had at least once some type of accident involving kids, drinks, food, or something similar. Your home upgrades and improvements should definitely be everything you have ever wished for. However, keep in mind, when your children are small, they will one hundred percent damage your white furniture or fragile pieces.

While you are applying your kid-friendly home renovation ideas, remember to keep everything valuable or fragile out of your children's reach. And make sure that you choose new furniture that you can wash and maintain easily. It includes fabrics that are durable, easily washable, etc. Also, it is wise to skip any glass materials, like coffee tables in your living areas.