Home upgrades and improvements that really pay off

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A nice suburban house

Upgrading your home can improve your quality of life whenever you decide to do it. But, will you earn money back from those improvements? That depends on the type of renovation you intend to do. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, we suggest that you take a look at our list of home upgrades and improvements that really pay off.

Upgrade your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home, which is why many potential buyers will base their decision about buying on whether or not they like it. Houses with modern kitchens sell much faster than those with outdated ones because buyers know how big of a job the kitchen renovation really is. Now, if you plan to recoup the investment, you should only use quality materials. Buyers can tell the difference between cheap and high-quality tile, countertops, cabinets, etc., just like you could.

If you plan to live in the house you are upgrading for more than a few years, then doing everything to your taste is just fine. However, if you have a sale in mind any time soon, you should avoid making choices that are too personal. For instance, installing red kitchen cabinets might be your idea of perfection, but many buyers will run away as fast as they can once they see them. So, keep it neutral - white, beige, and grey are the best choices many people would prefer.

A contemporary white kitchen.
A kitchen renovation is one of the improvements that really pay off.

When it comes to appliances, try to get those at reasonable prices since people would probably not decide to buy your house because of the beautiful fridge or a stove that they saw at your place. 

Upgrade your basement

Fixing up the basement is one of the home improvements that really pay off. You will not only solve the issues with mold and humidity in your home, but you will also get even more storage space in your home. Whether you are planning to fix it so that you can have more room for tools and seasonal equipment or plan to transform it into a living area, the investment will be worthwhile.

Basement that serves as a living area too
Fix your basement before selling the house.

If you already have a functional basement that just needs to be cleaned before the buyers arrive, consider yourself lucky. That is the place where you can put most of your furniture while renovating your home. However, precious items and breakables should be protected and stored away in a safer place so that they don't accidentally get damaged.

Change the doors and windows

The front door is one of the first things that people notice about the house. Upgrading all the doors inside your home as well will probably cost a lot, but don't worry - such an investment will pay off.
New windows will make your house look more attractive, but that is far from all you will get from this investment. Homes with new windows are energy-efficient, which is something that every buyer likes. Their electricity bills will be lower and their carbon footprint a bit smaller. They also contribute to better sound isolation, and people who live in noisy areas will appreciate that.

Redo your bathroom

It is not a secret that a beautiful bathroom can make or break a sale. If you are thinking about whether to remodel or move out, we would advise you to choose the first option. It is never too late to move out, so it is better if you do it with some extra cash in your pocket.

Double sink, a vase, and two mirrors in a bathroom
Double sinks are all the craze right now

When renovating your bathroom before the sale, you should invest in quality materials and products, just like you did with your kitchen upgrade. There is no need for you to go over the top and install the high-end shower or a vintage freestanding bathtub unless the rest of your house follows the same style. If the room is big enough, consider installing a double sink since everybody loves those. Make sure that your bathroom is tidy and spotless when you expect potential homebuyers. 

Paint the interior

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls makes all the difference to buyers who come to an open house. Painting is considered one of the cheapest improvements you can make, yet it can increase your home's value drastically and quickly. Again, if you are not really sure whether you should stay in or sell your current home, be careful when choosing interior paint colors. Neutrals and pastels might be the safest choice.

Painting the exterior of your home is also useful, but it will not bring you such a return of investment (unless your house is in a horrible state at the moment).

Build the deck

Homes that have decks are valued more than those that don't. The deck is always an excellent addition to a home, and it creates the image of a place where you can relax and unwind more easily. When prospective homebuyers come to visit your house, they can imagine themselves reading a book, playing with their children, or entertaining their guests right on that deck. Even though you might not use it for any of those purposes now, building a deck can be a lucrative investment when you are planning to sell.

Invest in landscaping

Curb appeal matters more than many of us can imagine. It is probably one of the reasons why you decided to buy your house in the first place. So, fix the broken concrete, clean the gutters, and give your plants some more love. Planting flowers that can endure more than a year is a good idea. Also, properties with trees always leave a better impression on the homebuyers, so planting some and being patient pays off. Trees provide a natural shade, and they prevent soil erosion, which is why they are not only pleasant to look at but also have practical value.

That would be our list of home upgrades and improvements that really pay off. Save it for future reference when you decide it is time for you to sell your house.