Ways to Brighten Your Home for the Summer Time

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Ways To Brighten Your Home For The Summer Time

The summer months are fast approaching. In winter, very little goes on in homes besides hunkering down around warm fires in heavy blankets. Summer presents the best opportunity to give your home a total makeover after the cold winter season.

It takes more than merely pulling up the blinds to “summer-rize” your home. Nonetheless, brightening up your home for summer doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here are easy ways of welcoming summer into your home.

Introduce Some Plant Life

Not many people have space to plant summer gardens. This shouldn’t dissuade you from having plants in your home because there are dozens of easy ways to introduce plant life into your home. For instance, planting a container garden on your garden allows you to enjoy the beautiful herbs and flowers that flourish in summer.

To deliver a landscaped effect with multiple plants, choose large pots for your plants. You can also achieve this effect by using a group of smaller plants. As you undertake summer decoration, you should also keep in mind that this is the season of ripe, juicy vegetables and fruits. If you have enough space at your home, you can add a potted lemon tree or container vegetable gardens.

Infuse The Outdoors Feel Into Your Home

Winters are usually dull. On the other hand, summers have a feel-good feel effect. While looking to brighten your home for summer, you should think about bringing the outdoors into your living space. Your summertime décor should reflect the beauty of the season. You can do this by introducing furniture made from natural materials into your interior space.

For instance, rattan chairs help you to showcase the beauty of woven palm. They are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. When revamping a room for summer, furniture made from natural materials helps to brighten up your space. You can accessorize with bright, natural-colored throw blankets to a great effect.

Thorough Cleaning

After spending most of the summer months indoors, your house might get grubby and cluttered. This makes the home feel uncomfortable and suffocating. You should thoroughly clean your home to brighten it up for summer. Simple tasks such as clearing the home’s horizontal surfaces make it feel airy and ready for summer. Here are some simple tasks that can help you to de-clutter and freshen your home:

  • Store away extra mattresses, blankets, and pillows that you won’t need until later in the year.
  • Open up the windows to allow fresh air into the house. Ensure that they’re not only clean but also open up smoothly.
  • Dust and freshen your baseboards using a dryer sheet.
  • Replace the linens on your beds with those that have brighter colors.
  • Put away all the seasonal stuff in storage until you need them again.
  • Inspect your home’s cooling system to ensure that it works well. Undoubtedly, you’ll need it to be in working order when it gets too hot during the summer.

Give Your House a Fresh Paint

The cold, rainy conditions that characterize winter can take a toll on your home’s exterior. The onset of summer is the best time to give the house a new look, and there’s no better way to do this than having it repainted. During this time of the year, the weather is usually warm and dry, and thus allows the paint to dry sufficiently. You can stick to the old color scheme, but if you’re the adventurous type, go for colors that reflect the season.

Change the Lighting

Whenever you think of cold weather, the first thing that comes to mind is dimmer lighting; the lazy glow of a candle, or the amber light of a bedside lamp. On the other hand, summer means brighter light and allowing the sun into your home. Therefore, you should also change the home’s lighting.

Start by ditching the candles and amber lighting of your lamps with bright white bulbs. Besides, you should allow as much natural light as possible into the house. Clean your windows to remove anything that blocks natural light. You can also add a few mirrors to brighten up your interior space and magnify the effect of natural light.

Rearrange Furniture

During winter, much time is spent cuddling around the TV or fireplace. Often, the furniture arrangement in most homes reflects that. However, things tend to be different in summer since this is the best time to entertain family in friends. The warm weather doesn’t allow people to spend a lot of time indoors.

Rearranging furniture in your home makes it feel summer-ready. While at it, think of the way your family spends winter. Rearrange the furniture to reflect the mood of the season and the activities that you love engaging in.

It’s almost summertime, and your home needs to be ready for the season. Brightening up your home helps you to shake off the sluggishness and dust associated with winter.