Summer staging tips for first-time home sellers

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Summer staging tips for first-time home sellers

If you've decided to sell your home, you will want to maximize its value. You can do it through different home improvements, but also proper home staging. The best thing is, it can be done affordably,  as a DIY project or by professionals. Bringing out your property's best features will help you attract many potential buyers and get the best offers. Lately, due to the advancement of technology, a lot of home hunts are done through virtually staged real estate tours. This is an excellent option for long-distance buyers. Still, many more people prefer the old-fashioned open houses when looking for their new property. Therefore, here are some summer staging tips for first-time home sellers.

The importance of staging a home for sale

Money will always be a deciding factor when buying a home. The future homeowner usually sets up a budget but is willing to expand it if they stumble upon a dream house. Thus, it would be best never to underestimate the power of the first impression. Look at staging a home as putting makeup on. Do everything in phases and tastefully, so it emphasizes the best features and hides faults. According to moving experts from, most of their clients said that for them, it was love at first sight after seeing their new homes.

Think like a potential buyer

No matter how different people are, we all want some common features our homes to have, especially when it comes to safety and comfort. But also to have as little investment as possible in the new homes after the purchase. Thus, making the necessary home improvements and upgrades is the first step when staging a house for sale. As for other things, everyone has their own version of a dream home. That's why, when applying summer staging tips, you might want to leave them some space for imagination. That means depersonalizing the place as much as possible. No one wants to get the feeling of ''used space'' as if they're stepping into someone else's life. Keep the staging tasteful and neutral.

Interior design kitchen with fresh details
Every part of your home deserves equal staging treatment, especially the kitchen

Declutter everywhere

Having too much stuff lying around in your home can be a distraction. Decluttering while staging your home this summer will not only make it more tasteful but will create the illusion of a bigger space. It will also help you with your home sale and with relocation costs. Getting rid of unnecessary things will benefit you in more ways than one. If you are moving cross-country, hiring the right professionals will make it easy. And having less stuff to transport will make it cheaper, especially when you need to relocate to another end of the country. Now, imagine you are planning a DIY move and dragging all of those things. With fewer items, you can make even moving on your own way more manageable.

When re-evaluating items, make sure to clean and tidy up every room in the house, including the attic, basement, and garage. You might think these areas are not as important, but a serious buyer will check every place in your household.

The light color palette will do wonders

Even though you can do most summer staging tips basically for free, some of them require an investment of time and a little bit of money. Refreshing the surfaces and painting the walls is a must if we want to make the place look bright and relatively new. And more importantly, neutral. So this time, forget about the personal preferences in wall color. Going for white or light pastel tones for your walls will appeal to most buyers' tastes. It doesn't necessarily mean that the future owner of your home will leave your walls in that color, but light tones allow imagination since they are not distracting.

Light color palette interior design decor
One of the most important summer staging tips is to keep the color palette neutral and eye resting

Use the natural light

 A lot of people neglect the window treatment while preparing a home for sale. Whether you have big or small windows in your living room, it's essential to let the light and air in. Natural light brings out the best of any space. It throws an accent on details and makes rooms look bigger at the same time. Plus, if your house has a lovely view of a yard or a garden, make sure to use this feature. Open the blinds, remove the heavy drapes, shades, or whatever potentially blocks the view and the light. If necessary, install additional lighting elements like LED lamps in the hallways, stairways, and the kitchen.

Spice the space up with tasteful details

We've already mentioned that too many things can be distracting. Still, taking away too much stuff can make space seems sterile. That's why it's important to include fresh details. Use the seasonal benefits and place up a vase of flowers in a hallway, a ball of fruits on the dining table, or some pots with cute plants on the shelves. There are so many ways to be creative when using fresh elements to breathe life into a place.

Landscaping will do wonders

House exterior and your front and back yard deserve the same attention when applying staging tips for selling your home. It is the first thing anyone notices, so make sure to bring out the best of it. If you have a neatly kept yard, simple lawn mowing will do the trick. But also remember that your curb appeal will benefit significantly from some landscaping. Adding a couple of trees, bushes, or plants will substantially improve your front yard.

: Clean porch with furniture and decorations
Flower pots, solar lights, and a clean and neat lawn will help your home shine this summer

Refresh the house exterior

After you've spruced the yard, it's time to refresh the exterior of your home. Needless to say that checking and fixing any external damage is a crucial step when considering putting a property for sale. As for your future updates in rejuvenating the house exterior, it will depend on the budget and the current state of your home. Some houses require refreshing the facade, doors, and windows. Others just need some minor work on the porches, pathways, and patios and thorough cleaning. It would help if you dedicated the same level of commitment to curb appeal as to the interior of your home. After all, it is the first impression your buyer will get approaching your property.

Following summer staging tips for first-time home sellers, you will realize that you can do it all without having to spend a lot of money. However, if you don't think you're up for it, there are always professional services that can do the work for you. With the right help, you will be sure to focus on elements that will add value to your home and bring out the best of the property.

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