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Lucila Diaz believes her secret ingredient to success in all aspects of life, including her career as an interior designer, being a mother of two and finding the time to exercise is having a healthy mindset.

Diaz, a North Vancouver resident, shares her favorite workout tips while also offering some professional advice on creative uses for wellness space, along with how to make your interiors more festive this year.

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On working out and juggling her workload, and family commitments,:

Diaz swims four times a week during summer, reducing down to once a week, along with meditation during winter. She says, “This is one of the biggest challenges that working moms face, but because we have so many important things to juggle we became more efficient at what we do.”

She says, “We manage to complete tasks faster, it is a mindset when you know that instead of having eight hours to complete a task you only have five, you find ways of optimizing, prioritizing and delegating. The key is to never let any of the ‘balls’ that you are juggling fall and always pay attention to when some of them might be taking too much of your time.”

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