• Interior Design Company Vancouver

    “I am the Producer of Get Inspired Talks - https://getinspiredtalks.com.

    I retained Lucila's professional services to design the set for the upcoming Get Inspired Talks event. Lucila provided me with a concept and a detailed design. She then sourced all the elements of the design and obtained quotations from each supplier. Everything she did was done professionally,
    on time and on budget and with a smile on her face. She opened my eyes to the power of great design. She deserves to be considered for your next interior design project.”

    Roger Killen
  • Interior Design Company Vancouver

    "Lucila is excellent to work with. Response time is superb! Always answers customer’s questions and concerns in a professional manner. Willing to spend time with the customer whenever needed the most. Communicating promptly with the customer is key to a happy working relationship. All of these are the reasons why we wouldn’t hesitate to work with Lucila/Harmony Sense Interiors again in the future."

    Vanessa Chang
  • Interior Design Company Vancouver

    “Lucila and Patrizia were really great to work with. They helped us get aligned on our vision, helped us expand our concepts and worked within budget. They were patient and flexible as we worked through the process. We love our new home and will continue adding to it based on tips and suggestions they left with us. Thank you Harmony Sense Interiors!”

    Irfan Rehmanji
  • Interior Design Company Vancouver

    “Lucila and the Harmony Sense team helped us to set up our office in Mexico City. Since the beginning, Lucila was listening very carefully to our ideas and dreams for the place. Then she got into action and transformed our dreams into reality.

    The result was a place that marked a reference for all the other offices of the corporation in the rest of the world, all in time, under budget and with some incredible details that no one else could have got like Harmony Sense.”

    Vicente Torres


  • Interior Design Company Vancouver

    "Lucila provided an excellent service and given us great advice on our home. She was very responsive, professional, resourceful, attentive to our needs and opinions. We are extremely happy with the outcome and will definitely engage her services in the future."

    Gabriela Klongova
  • Interior Design Company Vancouver

    “The feeling you get when you know to trust Lucila with every decision of your renovation that will impact your lifestyle for years to come. It is her eye for details that makes the difference, knowledge that comes from experience for best solutions for your needs and always on budget. We highly recommend Harmony Sense Interiors to anyone considering a renovation or newly build. If we had to start a new project today we would not hesitate to work with Harmony Sense again.”

    Michael Tudoire
  • Interior Design Company Vancouver

    “I like a space that is put together but not obviously “decorated”. Not overly coordinated. Not overdone. I like a space that flows. That is simple yet special. Practical yet striking. Comfortable yet unique. On-point and current but not trendy. I want my house to reflect and harmonize with our lifestyle and with the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. I want to love my home. Lucila has achieved this for us. I have been working with Lucila for almost ten years now, having her back time and again as we endeavour to evolve my family’s living space with updates over time. She has advised on everything from paint colour to complete room renovations. I feel I know her well enough to speak to her many strengths and abilities. Lucila is incredibly creative and inventive. She welcomes input. She is responsive. Timely. She is straightforward. She stays on budget. It appears she can source anything imagined. She has a roster of great crafts people who are consistently top notch. Lucila was born to do this work. It is clearly her passion. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. I sincerely and highly recommend Lucila to any prospective client.”

    Patty Deol
  • Interior Design Company Vancouver

    “Knowledge, experience and passion for interior design… totally recommended.”

    Antonio Plata
  • Interior Design Company Vancouver

    “Harmony Sense has delivered an incredibly accurate depiction of our yacht design vision! We are so enthralled with our space and we cant wait to spend more time on board. Thanks to the spatial energy and gorgeous scene they helped create since day one, we could not be happier.”

    Stephen Sidwell
  • Interior Design Company Vancouver

    “It’s been fantastic working with Harmony Sense. We would definitely recommend their design services. They clearly have an understanding of what their clients’ are trying to achieve, and have the design flair and supplier connections to achieve their aspirations.”

    Project Mint
  • Interior Design Company Vancouver

    “Her work, besides giving you visual comfort and equilibrium, it also generates feelings, making you get attracted to and identified with such spaces. Lucila has the ability to get inside your thoughts and represent them.”

    Andrea Diaz VillaseƱor