Patty Deol

Author: Harmony Sense Interiors Ltd. |

“I like a space that is put together but not obviously “decorated”. Not overly coordinated. Not overdone. I like a space that flows. That is simple yet special. Practical yet striking. Comfortable yet unique. On-point and current but not trendy. I want my house to reflect and harmonize with our lifestyle and with the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. I want to love my home. Lucila has achieved this for us. I have been working with Lucila for almost ten years now, having her back time and again as we endeavour to evolve my family’s living space with updates over time. She has advised on everything from paint colour to complete room renovations. I feel I know her well enough to speak to her many strengths and abilities. Lucila is incredibly creative and inventive. She welcomes input. She is responsive. Timely. She is straightforward. She stays on budget. It appears she can source anything imagined. She has a roster of great crafts people who are consistently top notch. Lucila was born to do this work. It is clearly her passion. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. I sincerely and highly recommend Lucila to any prospective client.”